by Raintree

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released August 14, 2015

All songs written and produced by Raintree
Engineered by Alex DeJong at White Star Sound in Louisa, VA
Edited by Alex DeJong at his home in Richmond, VA
Mixed by Matt Malpass at Marigolds+Monsters in Atlanta, GA
Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at TurtleTone Studio in New York, NY

Contributing musicians:
Nathan Phillips - Additional vocals on "With Love, Your Home"
Chris Sacco - Trombone on "Inzhener"
Jonathan "Big Sexy" Lingerfelt - Violin on "With Love, Your Home" and "Inzhener"; Cello on "Inzhener"
John Snell - Trumpet and Bugle Horn on "With Love, Your Home" and "Inzhener"
Alex DeJong - Triangle on "Inzhener"
Blake Melton - Additional production on "Two Elm"



all rights reserved


Raintree Charlottesville, Virginia

Blake, Gavin, Pete, Drew and Brent.

Indie Folk from Central Virginia.

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Track Name: Bed and Table
You sat where I sleep
with your back to the door.
I was somewhere in the room;
I was with you.

When that man walked in,
I told him who you were.
Holding your hands he looked at you,
into your nervous eyes.

You sat where I eat
and lifted up your head;
You were crying.
You were crying.

Oh, Rachel, where are you going?
I want to find you; I want to tell you.
Oh, Rachel, what are you doing?
Join us for dinner; you are forgiven.
Track Name: With Love, Your Home
Dear dwellers of this empty nest,
my joy before the loneliness,
the bricks are chipping;
the wood splitting.
I will colapse
the moment you aren't living.

I once felt your weight distributed-
now a mass combined.
Fifteen steps dread the last descent,
remembering your second-born's first climb.

Returning with her in youth,
as she relearns to walk, talk, and fight,
I will rekindle the strength I had
on every Sunday night.

From the shelves in the cupboard
you could never reach,
to the grains of sand
left on children's feet-

From the city in front
the country around back,
to the clothes in closets
never unpacked-

Please come see us one more time.
Let us have a proper good-bye.
Go along now.
Go along.
The ivy-covered light
will always stay on.
Stay on
Stay on
Track Name: Human (Will I Find You)
You're getting older,
and I don't like to think about it.
You're moving slower,
and I don't like to watch it happen.

We don't know what you are.
You're okay with anything.
Acting like you own this place.
I can see it in your face.

There is a human behind your eyes.
There is a purpose in your movements.

We don't know what you are.
You're okay with anything.
Acting like you own this place.
I can see it in your face.

Will I find you in my bed
in the middle of the night?
Will I find you at the door
when I get home after work?
Track Name: Two Elm
Surrounded like an animal
Pulled into the chair
Surrounded like a criminal
Pulled against the beam
Track Name: Inzhener
At the end of his third decade
he works and lives on the waves,
for a family without love,
for a man who can't smile.
How much happier he is below
with the gauges, gas, grease, and grumble
He falls from the sky to pass his time.

He's worked for the law then broken it.
Now he lives away from it.
Called back to the sweet land of Ukraine,
but when he arrived it wasn't the same.
His mother had passed form cancer;
His father only gave short answers.
So he returned to the sea.

Where does a man like this go?
Neither sand nor water pleases his toes.
No one to wave to him from ashore.
His girl works at a faraway port.

Language begins to betray heritage.
He questions the marriage.